Enhancing Performance and Engagement Through Learning Analytics, Early Intervention Strategies and Innovative Teaching Methods.

Australia is going through a HE boom with a surge of enrolments, especially internationally; but with that, the dropout rates last year hit their highest level in eight years.

The total cost of first-year attrition is estimated at more than AUD$1 billion per year. If one full fee-paying student is lost at the end of year one of an undergraduate degree, between $20,000 and $30,000 in fee income for years two and three are lost.

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Student Retention & Success 2017 will look to the solutions, including;

Enhancing the student experience in the first year to improve engagement, prevent drop outs, and foster success

Improving the quality of learning and teaching through a student based approach and adaptive curriculum

Having accessible support units available to students as well as increasing personal communication with students

Using learning analytics to predict student behavior based on collected data

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