Enhancing Performance and Engagement Through Learning Analytics, Early Intervention Strategies and Innovative Teaching Methods.

The Student Retention and Success Summit returns for its 3rd year in 2018 to address ongoing and emerging challenges in retaining students through to a successful graduation.

For a brief period in 2017 newspapers and online publications were all a-buzz with the announcement by Simon Birmingham that 66.7% of all university students are failing to complete their university courses in a six year period. This somewhat shocking statistic is only the tip of the iceberg; with attrition in universities and NUHEIs sitting at 15% and 26% respectively and over 50% of Australian universities recording an attrition rate greater than 25%. Each student who becomes part of this statistic represents a loss of potential earnings to the institution, an inefficient use of resources and most importantly a significant disappointment to the student who didn’t receive the quality of higher education experience that was desired. The 2018 Summit returns; invigorated and determined in rethinking the institutional approach to creating a student experience which transcends what we’ve previously defined as education.

In the 2018 Student Retention and Success Summit expert speakers will be sharing their experience in tackling attrition and increasing success across three broad topics:

- Student Centricity: enhancing personalisation within the student experience top better facilitate student success

- Support: creating a strategy which builds a relationship between student and institution for enhanced uptake of support services

- Better Course Outcomes: reassessing course design to create opportunities for individual and employability development

This event will be the premier opportunity to come together with like-minded professionals who are passionate about student success and to hear case studies which will bring you closer to developing a transformative student engagement and retention strategy within your workplace.

Download the agenda now to see the fantastic line up of speakers and case studies for this not-to-be-missed event!

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Student Retention & Success 2017 will look to the solutions, including;

Enhancing the student experience across the entire student journey to improve engagement, prevent drop outs, and foster success

Improving the quality of learning and teaching through a student based approach and adaptive curriculum

Creating intervention strategies which compliment accessible support as well as increasing personal communication with students for high quality and effective support

Creating an on-campus and on-line environment which is, at its heart, 100% focused on student success

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