27 - 28 June, 2018| Bayview Eden, Melbourne, VIC

Workshops: 26th & 27th June, 2018

WORKSHOP A: Tuesday, 26th June 2018

8:00 am - 8:00 am How to Co-Create Analytics with Students, Teachers and the Experts: 5 Practical Principles

Mollie Dollingher - PHD Candidate, University of Melbourne
There are three stakeholders in the future of learning analytics: learning analytics experts, teachers and students. However, while innovations are quickly growing within the group of learning analytics experts, there are ongoing challenges to translate research ideas into real action.

Without support from teachers and students many learning analytics initiatives are likely to be left behind and discarded. To ensure this does not happen, we need collaborative design processes, such as co-creation, to actively involve teachers and students and ensure that learning analytics meets the needs of its users.

This workshop will outline practical principles that can be used by learning analytics experts, university administrators, and those new to learning analytics to understand how learning analytics interventions and platforms can be supportive of co-creation across stakeholders. From this workshop, participants will be able to design and analyse interventions across the principles and help their institution improve future efforts.


  • How to create interventions that include teachers and students in meaningful ways
  • Understanding five key principles of co-creation design
  • Interactive case studies that give participants examples to identify how to improve design and implementation processes
  • Fostering stakeholder buy-in, what issues need to be addressed and what can we do?


Mollie Dollingher

PHD Candidate
University of Melbourne

Workshop B: Wednesday, 27th June 2018


Mark Young

Senior Manager, Sales and Customer Experience
La Trobe University


Shawn Walker

Executive Director, Marketing and Communications
Charles Sturt University