27 - 28 June, 2018| Bayview Eden, Melbourne, VIC

Andrew Scotford

General Manager
Canberra Institute of Technology Student Association

5:00 PM Leveraging Student Associations Within the Institution to Enhance Student Communication with Support Services

Student associations exist in many forms; some are informal, some formal, some small, some large. Regardless of their size and flavour, they are created by students, for students and exist solely to improve the student experience and can play a pivotal role in enhancing student experience and outcomes. Encouraging, supporting and working with these student associations will enhance the value of these pre-existing resources and provide student lead enhancement to the learning experience. This session will focus on building and utilising relationships between student associations and institution.

  • Supporting the growth, expansion and longevity of student associations for maximum reach and impact
  • Developing student associations as part of an investment strategy to attract prospective students and enhance institutional branding
  • Fostering a mutually beneficial relationship with administrative members of student associations, enhancing their student development and strengthening student-institutional relationships
  • Utilising these relationships as a conduit for student feedback

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