27 - 28 June, 2018| Bayview Eden, Melbourne, VIC

Dr Diana Collett

Learning Development Officer
University of South Australia

11:30 AM Considering the Technological and Psychological Aspect of the Modern Student for Improved Student Success

An Increasing number of students report losing their motivation and procrastinating. This trend has risen sharply with the advent of interactive screen use. Students confide they are turning to Facebook, YouTube, and online Gaming etc. as ways of escaping when things get hard. Like many of us, today’s students are struggling to balance the pervasive temptations found online with the mental rigour required to achieve goals and become successful. This silent addiction has potentially widespread implications for retention and success. Diana has identified shifting student attitudes toward their study and their expectations of learning, particularly in younger commencing students. In this session she shares invaluable psychological insights, gleaned from student experiences, and the implications for academic success. She will explore:

  • How excessive interaction online is transforming the mindset of current students
  • What current students expect from tertiary study
  • How institutions can best address changing attitudes toward study

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Diana.

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