27 - 28 June, 2018| Bayview Eden, Melbourne, VIC

Dr. Dino Willox

Director Student Employability
University of Queensland

5:00 PM Case Study: Designing and Implementing an Employability Framework to Enhance Student Outcomes at University of Queensland

Change is constant and occurring at an alarming rate as we move further into the digital age. This change is having a large impact in the workplace with 44% (5.1 million) of current Australian jobs now at high risk (70% chance) of being automated in next 20 years. To meet the transformation of the workplace, universities themselves must transform; from a place of didactic learning to that of experiential learning. In initiating the transformative process the University of Queensland has developed an ‘Employability Framework’, the creation and application of which Dr Dino Willox will explain in this session:

  • Development of the Framework and its four pillar structure
  • How the framework is applied to the curriculum at the University of Queensland
  • Outcomes, challenges and lessons learned from implementation of the Employability Framework

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